I do not Recommend Dr. Stephen H. Williams

I do not Recommend Williams Family Medicine in Omaha Nebraska

My visit with Dr. Williams was totally unproductive and actually quite distressing.

To give you some background, I was in the ER a few days before my visit to Williams Family Medicine. I was told to make an appointment with a doctor to follow up. I had many tests done in the ER. Despite this, Dr. Williams insisted on re-doing all tests. He said this was his policy. I feel there was distain in his voice when he said it. Almost like he was so arrogant that he didn't believe the results of any tests not done by his office.

He also told me that he would not prescribe the medicine I had been taking years prior, and refused to seriously talk about any possible alternative treatment until after the test results came back. I understand Dr. Williams wanting to be sure of a diagnosis, but I felt Dr. Williams didn't seem to understand or care about the urgency of my situation.

I almost ended up back in the ER the night following my visit. I then called the next day to ask about my results, they were supposed to be back by noon, they were not. I called again at 1pm, then 2pm. Finally around 2:30pm I got a call back, but the person who I was talking to made no mention the condition I originally came in for treatment of. The nurse just mentioned there were a few minor things on the blood work to discuss, and Dr. Williams would like to make an appointment to see me the following week.

The following week? I am in distress NOW.

There was no urgency what so ever on Dr. Williams part. I asked for my test results to be prepared and all notes on my chart collected as I wanted my copy and would be seeking the advice of a different doctor. I saw a different doctor the following day who understood my condition, and prescribed me medication that is working very well.

I feel the entire interaction with Dr. Williams was a waste. His lack of compassion was disturbing. I contacted Dr. Williams with these complains, and asked if this was the level of care one should expect.

The Response:

Lori Williams, wife of Dr. Stephen Williams, replied with a formal letter. The actual Letter is below, but I interpret it to say that they stand behind their actions and policies. I am making this letter public so everyone can see the policies that Williams Family Medicine has. I am not a doctor, but I do not agree with these policies. Now that they are public, you can choose for yourself if Williams Family Medicine is a doctor you want to see. The letter has one inaccuracy that I would like to point out, and that is:

The medication I was requesting is non-narcotic. This is something I would expect a doctor to know.

I would assume, that Dr. Williams, a board certified doctor would know this. So he is either mixing me up with someone else or even worse incorrectly remembering the situation. I think this speaks very clearly to the level of care you should expect from Williams Family Medicine

Worst Omaha Doctors

Be warned.

This is the level of care I would expect with Williams Family Medicine

Williams Family Medicine is located at: 9015 Arbor Street #106, Omaha, NE 68124